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Debugging Python modules and Python code at the same time

Sometimes you need to make Python modules whether for performance purposes, technical purpose, fun or whatever, and sometimes you also want to debug this module but you also want to debug it along with your Python code. This tutorial will show you how to debug Python modules and Python code, first separately, then together. First we need a debugger for Python. I chose debugpy as it's very simple to use and provide a great interface between Python and - but not only - VS Code. It can be inst…

January 07, 2022
VS Code Development Container

Some projects need to have a specific environment with preinstalled tools and software, or specific IDE configuration for auto-completion, highlighting, linting, formatting, etc… All these requirements may be time-consuming for developers and create differences between various operating systems. VS Code Development Container lets teams configure project-specific Docker containers with preconfigured tools and software along with custom VS Code configurations and extensions used inside the …

January 05, 2022