Hi! I’m Nathanael, and I’m a fullstack developer.

Driven by my passion, I put my all in everything I do programming-wise. Join me in my coding adventure!

About me

My education

2017 - 2022
Master in Computer Science
ESGI (École Supérieure du Génie Informatique)
2015 - 2017
Professional baccalaureate SEN (Electronic and Digital Systems)
Technical College La Fayette (Fontaineroux)

My work experience

June 2017
to today
ASP.NET MVC developer
Mydral - Data Company
Extranet development:
- Interface and formation managing system
- Automated billing tool
- Platform's redesigning
March 2017
to April 2017
ASP.NET WebForm developer
Development of a calendar interface to facilitate accessibility of information on employee availability.


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My favourite projects

It's a CLI tool made to cipher and decipher your files with a password using AES-256. It was made to ensure a full files protection inside a storage device. If those are lost or stolen, malicious peoples can take over your data.

It uses AES-256 GCM (Galois/Counter Mode) with random 16 bytes initialization vector. Key is hash in a 256 bits key with SHA-512 using random 64 bytes salt and rounds (between 3000 and 9000 rounds).
ICMP is a protocol used by the popular commands ping and traceroute to troubleshoot Internet connections. I wanted to have this protocol in NodeJs so I writed a package to provide it.
During the first year of my cursus at the ESGI, I needed to do an annuary project in team of three. So we decided to make « PHPTerminal », which, like its name says, a terminal in PHP, the language being given by our professors.

This project was a bit tricky because we needed to use asynchronous socket listeners in PHP which is not a native functionality.